Custom Ear Molds

What are earmolds?

An earmold is a piece of silicone, acrylic, or other soft material designed to mould to the ear canal surrounding the ear canal's external ear structure (concha). Depending on the extent of hearing loss, the form of the ear canal, and the concha, various types of earmolds are available (shell, skeleton, canal, etc.).

In certain instances, earmolds remain inside the ear canal, concealed from view. More often, they sit in the concha (the bowl of the ear) and the ear canal. Since the earmolds worn in the concha fit the ear's natural contours and skin tone so closely, they are hard to notice.

The most common use of custom earmolds is for hearing aids and hearing protection.

Custom Mold Earplugs

Custom Earmolds for Hearing Aids

Custom hearing aids use an earpiece that pairs the amplified sound created by a hearing aid into the ear canal fitted to the user's ear.

Earmolds are often combined with Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids. A BTE hearing aid is worn behind the ear and transmits sound to the earmold through a thin, flexible tube.

A custom hearing aid has several benefits:

  • Less feedback: Because a form-fitting earmold offers a more robust airtight seal in the ear than a generic earpiece, it reduces the likelihood of feedback.
  • More stability: It helps keep the hearing aid more stable in the ear as it can use all the curves and contours of the ear of the patient to lock it all in place.
  • Less occlusion: Occlusion is when the ears of a person feel "stuffy." The effect is something like hearing while being underwater. With the right filters, this effect is lessened with custom earmolds.

We have the skills to make custom earmolds for almost every hearing aid. We tailor your earmold to the size of your hearing aid, its power level, and your comfort preferences for the best fit.

Custom Earbuds

Custom fitted hearing protection is made to suit your ears and no one else's. Your ears are just as distinct and individual as fingerprints - no two ear canals are the same shape or size exactly, which means that your ears are unique. That also means finding the right earplugs for your ears can be a significant challenge. For these reasons, it's best to go custom.

types of custom-fit hearing protection we offer:

  • Musicians: The filters in this type allow the earmold to return the right frequencies so that the music volume is decreased for comfort, but the sound stays sharp and clear.
  • Hunters: These use small acoustic filters to allow more delicate sounds but protect against short bursts of sudden noise.

Get a custom earmold with Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions.

Contact us if you require a custom earmold! Earmolds are made to custom requirements since a precise fit is so necessary. We start by directly taking an impression from each of your ears, ensuring the best possible match for your hearing aid or protective device.